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    Our Story


    Delivering Quality Healthcare Brands


    KEGO Corporation is a North American manufacturer and distributor of medical equipment and supplies, specializing in products relevant to respiratory, sleep and neurodiagnostics. KEGO provides high-quality products to homecare dealers, hospitals, pharmacies and diagnostic labs from its warehouses located across Canada and the USA. 

    While distributing a wide range of brands in the medical industry, KEGO also promotes its own products under the brands CPAPology, KING, Sunburst, and Inhale8. These brands give KEGO customers exclusive access to some of the best products on the market.



    Our History


    KEGO Corporation will celebrate 18 years in business in 2022, with sales expanding throughout Canada, USA, and now globally. Starting from a small 1,200 square foot warehouse with three product lines, KEGO’s product offering now includes over 100 vendors with over 5,000 products.

    Our success comes from our dedicated staff, devoted vendors, and our growing loyal customer base. KEGO continues to reinvent itself to adapt to the changing medical marketplace, through investments in technology, product development, and our staff. Our customer’s success is KEGO’s success. Thank you to our employees and customers for making KEGO a growing concern in this highly competitive medical marketplace. I look forward to seeing where KEGO grows from here.


    Kevin Gowanlock






    Our Mission


    The foundation of our business is to be the helping hand our customers need. It is essential that we provide our customers with the highest quality of products and customer service, so that they can deliver superior patient care.

    As we embark on a new era of healthcare, we will work to unlock the full potential of technology to give our customers streamlined access to the products that make a difference in their medical field. By combining this technology with our customer-centric approach, we will make sure our customers are taken care of each day.


    Nathan Pye




    Our Future


    KEGO continues to search the world for products that will provide our customers with the best results. KEGO’s commitment to excellent customer service will continue with more support staff and online tools to create a better user experience. Continued technological investments will soon result in an improved warehouse management system. This will allow for faster deliveries and better insights for the customer. The healthcare industry is constantly changing and KEGO will be ready every step of the way.


    KEGO sells wholesale exclusively to the professional medical industry and does not sell to the general public. 




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