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    Contour CoolPAP Home & Travel Pillow

    NEW! The CoolPAP pillow provides plush memory foam comfort for everyday use, or compresses and rolls up to make travel a breeze

    Contour CPAP Max Pillow 2.0


    CPAPMax 2.0 Pillow helps eliminate mask shifting & air leaks that can keep you up at night!

    • Exclusively Designed For CPAP Machine Users!
    • Reduces Mask Shifting And Interference!
    • Helps Stop Air Leak Noises Which Awaken You!
    • Minimizes Pressure on Face
    • Provides Better Head, Neck and Shoulder Comfort!
    • Removable Layer To Adjust Pillow Thickness!


    Contour CPAP MAX Vinyl Replacement Cover


    Extend the life of your CPAPmax Pillow with the new Vinyl Cover. Cover with a loose fitting pillowcase, or with the form-fitting CPAPmax Slip cover. Ideal for clinics and labs, the CPAPmax Vinyl Cover can easily be santiized between patients.

    (Pillow sold separately)

    Contour CPAP Original Pillow 2.0


    Make CPAP Easy with the Contour CPAP Pillow 2.0. Now features 50% More Surface Area and ergonomic design to promote proper positioning. Improved pressure free zones to prevent shifting and leaks. 

    • Fiberfill pillow top surface provides your bed pillow not only with CPAP
      compliance but improves your comfort
    • 50% wider sleeping support area
    • Improved no pressure pocket shape, better accommodates new
      CPAP Masks
    • Extended hose tether is 3” longer to provide better hose control
      throughout the night to help reduce pulling and pressure on your mask
    • Updated precious cut foam offers stable surface and quality
      edge positioning
    • Ultimate adjustable CPAP comfort

    CPAP Max 2.0 Slip Cover Also Fits CPAPmax


    Now there's a Slip Cover for the CPAPmax Pillow!   
    This machine washable cover will form fit to the pillow's unique shape, making ordinary pillowcases unnecessary.  Made from 300 count, 100% breathable cotton, it will enhance the cool properties of the CPAPmax pillow.  It is designed to open at the top end to allow for easy access to the hose tether attached to the inner cover.

    CPAP Max Replacement Cover 2.0, Fits CPAP Max


    This cover has the same features as the original cover including plush fiber fill pillow top and hose tether. This is the same cover that is included with your CPAPMax Pillow 2.0 purchase

    CPAP Pillow Replacement Cover 2.0, Fits CPAP Original Pillow


    Replacement Cover available for Contour CPAP Pillow 2.0 (Shown).  Will also work on original CPAP Pillow. Pillow not included.

    Replacement Pillow Covers are 75% cotton and 25% polyester.  Machine washable.